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There are many ways in which you can involve yourself in our parish. We are incredibly grateful to those that give their time and effort and contributions to our churches. Please contact Fr. Jude if you wish to help with any of the following.

Action 4 Cambodia

Our parish charity supporting the Jesuit Mission in Cambodia, providing funding for school children and their families in Cambodia. Help with fund raising and ideas for fund raising is much appreciated. Find out more here.


Help with fundraising and donations to the Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust, Group 72. Our parish has been instrumental in providing the opportunity for handicapped children to visit the shrine of Our Lady Of Lourdes.


Our parish has annual fund raising events for CAFOD.

You can get involved with fund raising, donations of money or clothing.


Church Preparation and Cleaning

The churches in our parish are always immaculately presented thanks to our dedicated helpers. You can get involved through helping to fund flower arrangements or perhaps providing your time and skill.  

An extra pair of hands is always welcome for keeping our churches clean.

We have a divide and conquer approach to cleaning.

Parish Groups

St Vincent De Paul

Knights of St Columba

The Catenians

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