Mass Times


St Albans: Wed & Fri 12 noon,  Saturday Vigil  6.30pm ,   Sunday  9am and 11.15am 

Good Shepherd: Thurs 12 noon, Sunday 10.15am

Holy Souls: Sat 12 noon, Sunday 10am

Confessions on request.


St Albans is open for private prayer Wed & Friday from 11am until after 12 noon mass.


Sun: 28TH  NOV:   YEAR C    01254 59331

Good day everyone,

We are beginning the Season of Advent today, our time of preparation for the ‘Coming of the Lord Jesus’ at Christmas. For us, it is meant to be a season of prayerful preparation, but in the big world out there, you tend to see a time for pre-Christmas parties, the ringing of ‘cash bells & reindeer bells’ rather than ‘Church Bells’.

We have our Advent Prayer Books, which have ‘thoughts, prayers & a Scripture Reading’ for everyday of Advent. They are a small, but lovely, booklet for every home. They are near the church door for £1 or a simple donation. There are A4 Advent Calendar Sheets with a ‘daily thought’.. again well worth having one at home.

During the week we had a ‘Priests In-Service Training Day’ informing us of the ‘SYNOD’ which Pope Francis has launched recently. Our Pope is asking us all to pray and think about ‘our Journey’ in life towards God’s kingdom… and how to help us all grow together in our ‘faith journey’. 3 Words are they key: Communion / Participation / Mission. Communion.. as in being more in union with God & each other in the Faith / Participation…. Hopefully that we will all get involved with the Synod & the questions the Pope is asking us to reflect on / Mission.. how we live our faith in our daily life so that it draws others to Christ.

          We will hear much more as time rolls on.. below is LINK ON THE Internet with thoughts and questions for us to PRAY about before we answer them!! The Pope wants us to PRAY to The Holy Spirit to guide us all – ‘to listen to the Spirit speaking to us’.


Pope Francis has called a Universal Synod which is taking place in every Catholic diocese across the world. The Synod is themed: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission”. We want to hear from as many people as possible, those involved in the church and those who are not. You can take part by completing an online submission using the QR code or following this link. Please share this link with family and friends. We have until 1st March 2022 to make our submissions then, after national and continental gatherings, the Synod of Bishops will gather in Rome in 2023 to reflect on what has been heard. Please remember the Synod in your prayers. Your contribution is invaluable and will make a considerable difference to the future of the Church in our diocese and across the world. 


The ‘Old Baptistry’ at the back of Church is now open: For the time being We have re-named it “Willy Wonker’s Christmas Charity Chocolate Shop”. We have lots of ‘Mini Gifts’ all are filled with Chocolate or Sweets -- many of which have a Chocolate Orange within them! Along with lots of smaller ones which children can give to teachers etc.. Also, lots of ‘Light up Bottles’. All from £1 to £8.. as they say.. ‘Hurry’  as once they are gone .. ‘they are gone’.


Please Pray for those we know who are not too well: and remember those who died recently:

Kathleen Burns         Jenny Watson (Requiem Mass at Good Shepherd Fri: 10th at 11am 

Jeff Entwistle  (Requiem Mass at Holy Souls on Thurs: 9th at 10am) Linda Ashworth whose Requiem will be at St Alban’s (Time to Be Arraigned):  May they rest in Peace. Amen