Action 4 Cambodia

The Parish Charity of St. Alban’s, Blackburn including the churches of  Good Shepherd and Holy Souls, along with St. Alban’s RC Primary School and Holy Souls RC Primary School.


The charity, 'Action 4 Cambodia', was originally founded in 2006. It was established as a result of an idea put forward by the then Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain. He suggested that where parishes were amalgamating a way of bringing two or three communities together could be by setting up a shared charity with the aim of helping a community somewhere else in the world that was in need of help. At this time St. Alban's Parish and Good Shepherd Parish in Blackburn were beginning their journey of unity.

With the help of a visiting nun from the Order of Our Lady of the Missions we were able to link up with Jesuit Service Cambodia and play an important role in their Education and Health Programmes for the people living in and around the village of Champak Sa in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia.

St. Alban's RC Primary School has been part of the charity from the start but we have also received occasional support from Our Lady and St. John Catholic College, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary School in Blackburn, Holy Souls RC Primary School in Blackburn and St. Mary's RC Primary School in Clayton le Moors.

In 2017 the Parish of Holy Souls joined the other original two parishes in forming what is now the new Parish of St. Alban's and the community of Holy Souls and Holy Souls RC Primary School became an important and permanent part of the charity. Indeed, the two primary schools in the parish now liaise with each other to discuss money raising schemes.

Every penny raised by the charity goes to Cambodia. Our printing is provided by our schools and the parish without charge, and our admin' costs are kept low and so far have been met by individual committee members. The Committee comprises of 8 members of our three churches, one of who is our Education Officer, as she works in St. Alban's School. Canon Jude Harrison is President of the charity and he is the only one who can withdraw and transfer money from our bank account and send it off to Jesuit Service Cambodia. We are tied into the Salford Diocese Gift Aid Scheme and come under the Diocesan Registered Charity Number. It is the diocese that handles our Gift Aid annual claim.

Jesuit Services have estimated that in the last year alone 4,700 people have benefitted from our help. The main part of our work is involved in keeping our school out there supplied and maintained. The original building was made up of three classrooms, but when it opened in 2011 more than double the number of pupils than expected turned up and so another, sturdier building was erected and opened in 2014. Now the school has six classrooms, all provided by the generosity of people from this part of Lancashire. We now also support another school in the neighbouring village of Popeil.

In Cambodia religions are not allowed to evangelise through the schools and so our school was not allowed to have a religious name. It is referred to as ' New Bonney's'. This is because, for years St. Alban's RC Primary School was known as 'Bonney's, after the name of a rather infamous headteacher many, many years ago.

If you would like more information please contact us through any of our three churches, or telephone St. Alban's on 01254 59331.


Mission Statement.

The charity exists to bring together the previous three parishes of St. Alban’s, The Good Shepherd and Holy Souls into one united parish and Catholic community, and to give this community the opportunity to develop spiritually and to fulfil Christ’s command ‘to love one another as I have loved you. With the help of the associated schools, St. Alban’s RC Primary School, Holy Souls RC Primary School and Our Lady & St. John Catholic College, it will attempt to provide spiritual, moral and financial support to our representative in his or her work in the designated areas of Cambodia.

It is our aim to create links with people in our community with people in Cambodia. We shall organise a variety of fund-raising events in our parish and schools to give financial support to our representative. It is hoped that through this we will provide children with a reasonable standard of education and, where necessary, with medical support for them and the adults in their community.

We also hope to respond to emergencies and to provide relief at a time of trauma, conflict and natural disaster.


A Prayer for Cambodia.

We ask Mary , the Mother of our Saviour, to help the people of Cambodia. We ask her to intercede for us so that God’s love and Care may be felt in the lives of those wounded in body and spirit, and suffering from the breakdowns in society.

We pray for those who are trying to improve the lives of the people of Cambodia and ask that God may give them the vision of a new, peaceful and invigorated nation and the means to create it.

Our Lady of Cambodia, pray for them.

Our Lady of Cambodia, pray for us.







This last year has been a disappointing year, as like everything else, our charitable efforts were limited because of Covid 19. With restrictions on numbers attending church and the regulations concerning public health and lockdowns we were unable to organise any events including, our biggest money raiser, the annual appeal in February.

Some money was raised through private donations, Easter Gifts and regular payments including direct debits and gift aid, so by June we had £4,500 in our account to send to Cambodia. At this time we received an e-mail from our contact out there, Fr. Thomas Rigl, saying that Jesuit Service were preparing their budget for the coming year and being fully aware of the conditions in the UK was aware that we might not be able to send financial help this year. He told us of life in Cambodia during the pandemic, how at first they had coped well in limiting the rate of transmission, but how in the second phase things had deteriorated rapidly. China had sent vaccines to Cambodia but these stayed mainly in the cities and country villages mainly went without. A week later Fr. Rigl was caught up in a national lockdown whilst on his way from Phnom Penh to our village of Champak Sa and found that he had to isolate in a hotel in Siem Reap for two weeks.

As a committee we decided to see if we could raise another £500 and send £5,000 to Cambodia. A collection was held in our three churches over the weekend of 26th-27th June and we raised over £1,500. We were able to send over £6,000 to Cambodia.

Fr.Thomas sent us a report on how our money was spent during 2020. Not only did covid effect our fund raising attempts but it also effected how the money was spent. For the first time nothing was spent on exercise books, pens and teacher training. We helped to pay for three teachers, less than in previous years. We provided 59 Scholarships, including Bike and Rice Scholarships and more books for 10 mobile libraries. We also paid for a librarian. We helped with feeding programmes in two schools and we secured the repair of 112 wheelchairs and tricycles. We gave hospital assistance to 34 people and provided rice, noodles, soy sauce and cooking oil to eighty families. Overall last year less was spent on education and more on health and welfare.

Fr. Thomas says that 2,454 people benefitted from the generosity of the parish and its friends through the work of ‘Action 4 Cambodia’. A great achievement.

This is a shorter report than usual for obvious reasons, but it shows that our charity is alive and well and serving our extended parish family out in Cambodia. Fr. Thomas left Cambodia at the beginning of September after five years there. He will resume his diocesan duties in Germany in October, but I feel that he will be visiting us in Blackburn soon.


Stephen Hedderman. (Chairman).



This is the report from 18th October, 2018 to 3rd October, 2019.

We started our thirteenth year after a very successful concert by the ‘Mercy Brothers’. Despite this

event raising over £1,000 it appeared obvious that we were unlikely to make our target by the end of

the financial year. The Committee decided to organise an extra event, a Christmas Quiz, to be held at

Good Shepherd on Friday 14th December. Fr. Jude was asked to be quizmaster. £185 was raised, and

this improved our financial situation a little. At this time the Accor Hotels Group asked for small

charities to apply for one of ten grants of £5,000. We submitted an application outlining our work

and explaining our objectives but we were unsuccessful.

We then turned our attention to the annual appeal that was planned for the weekend of February 9th and 10th. This year the appeal was shared between Chris, our Vice Chairman and myself. The result of

this appeal was excellent yet again. With the collections taken at the end of the six Masses , along

with individual private donations and one from Holy Souls Social Committee we raised £4,532.32 in

two days. We then sent the dollar equivalent of £8,500 out to Cambodia. This was only £522 less

than the previous year. We managed to provide almost everything Jesuit Service Cambodia asked us

for, but the fall in the pound against the dollar also had a negative effect as we have to send our

donation in dollars.

At this time we asked our parishioners and supporters for ideas for future events. Some of these

have taken place and others are still on the planning board. By far the greatest number of

suggestions was for the return of the ‘Mercy Brothers’. We contacted them, but were told that they

were not doing any concerts for the time being.

In May we organised a paper quiz in our three churches and looked into the possibility of a fashion

show. This was arranged and a date was set for Friday 13th September at St. Alban’s Primary School.

This proved a great financial success.

A result of the ‘Mercy Brothers’ concert it was found that many people preferred a social event to be

held on a Friday evening rather than a Saturday evening. Unfortunately Holy Souls and Good

Shepherd were usually booked on Fridays.......


things have changed and our next social event will

be a ‘Western Night’, held in Holy Souls Parish Hall on Friday November 15th.

Other events we have tried to arrange have included a race night, an auction, a chocolate tasting

evening, a musical evening, and a map quiz. We have not been successful with these due to lack of

availability of a venue or personnel to help run them or perform. All of these have not been

abandoned and are still under consideration.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Steve Hedderman, ( Chairman ).