Newsletter - 20/03/2011

2nd Sunday of Lent

Year A  

20th March 2011

Tel 59331




Saturday Vigil Mass

6.30  only at ST ALBAN’S


Sunday morning Mass

9.15  &  11.15  

Sunday Morning  10.15am



May your love be upon us on O Lord. As we place all our trust in you.


Glory &Praise to you, O Christ, From the bright cloud the Father’s voice was heard: “This is my Son, the Beloved, Listen to him. Glory & Praise to you O Christ. 


ST ALBAN’S      







9.00    & Requiem Edward Tanner at 12 Noon



9.00    &  Requiem  Reenie Smith at 12 Noon






7.30 am Early Mass   and   12.15  Annunciation



12.15  St Joseph      

9.30   (Rosary at 9.10)


Confessions:  Saturday   11  - 12  &   5.45  - 6.15


Stations of the Cross:  Friday & Saturday at 11.55  Exposition of the Lord Saturday from 11 to 11.50


Our little children will be making their First Confession at a Service of Reconciliation this Tuesday at 6 pm. Please pray for them and their families.


The Transfiguration of Our Lord on the mountain must have been an amazing moment for the 3 Apostles who were there. I find it surprising in some ways that these apostles still had great moments of doubt and disbelief. You would tend to think that this experience would have carried them through everything. Yet we are probably the same. Please God we all have moments of closeness to God, feeling his love and presence. When I stand at Mass after the Consecration and hold the good Lord high in my hands right before my eyes  -  he is THERE  -  not on a mountain, but still before you and I. And yet when sometimes, the storms and bumps of life or its tedium and flatness east at us, we too sag and sink. LENT is the time to ‘Lift up our hearts’ and raise our eyes in Prayer / Fasting / Giving to God. To allow God to grow deeper within us so that we will say today. “Lord, it is truly good to be here with you today. Amen”


Compostella / Lourdes Holiday: Information Leaflets & Booking Forms are available at both exits from Church.   So, please if you really are interested and want to go, please do actually fill in a form and send it to Enjoy Travel. Rooms have to be reserved/booked and deposits paid out. --  The Dates we are going for are from Monday 20th June 2011 out off Manchester to Lourdes for 2 days. Off to Oviedo on the Wednesday. The next couple of days at Santiago and back on Sunday 26th June back to Liverpool. Cost is £439 & around £200 for the Flights. NEW BOOKING FORMS are at each end of Church. Please do spread the word as we hope it will be a wonderful holiday; but we do need a ‘Coach load’. Thank you… Fr Jude really really wants to go.


MILL HILL BOOKLETS at the back of Church for those with the Red Boxes.


I BELIEVE CHARITY SALE at Good Shepherd Hall: There will be a Lenten Lunch after the Sunday

Today, Sunday the 20th.

PARISH WEBSITE  New and Updated is on

Huge thanks to Chris Birch who has created it for us… go and visit it…


There will also be a ‘Lenten Lunch’ in the Good Shepherd Hall after the 10.15am Mass on Sunday  20th March.  This will be repeated at St. Alban’s Parish Club on Sunday  27th March after the 11.15am Mass. This will consist of soup and a roll, and all profits will go to our next project in Cambodia


On the Weekend of March 12th / 13th we will hear about the work of Cafod in the Parish at Masses. Lent will have begun the previous Wednesday (Ash) 9th March. Last year this Parish gave over £14,400 to Cafod… Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Pounds….   Never doubt the generosity to St Alban’s people  … tell that to one and all if anyone starts to criticise the R.C.’s  !!!


We will have our Friday early Mass at 7.30am in Lent: And Stations of the Cross at just before 12 on Fridays & Saturdays…       (Funerals Permitting) in Lent and Exposition on Saturdays from 11.00 am.


St. Alban’s collection plate is very happy with Euro’s of any size or shape !!  many thanks    

Please do remember it is our Parish Centre  -  if you are having a ‘Family Do’ or celebration; 21st,


40th. 60th Birthday Party etc..  a celebration after a Baptism / Funeral / Wedding evening then

please remember that you can hire the Centre for your Party  Pop in after Mass and have a drink

and a natter.   Tel:  661193 to enquire/book.


GOOD SHEPHERD HALL   Line Dancing   £2 A CLASS Monday & Friday 7pm to 9 pm: Tuesday 7.30 pm- 9.30pm .HEALTHY

HEART EXERCISE  Monday  10.30  -  11.30 Use Beez Card & NO Charge  SHORT MAT BOWLING  Over 50’s  Thursday 1.30

to 4.30 pm  and Dominos etc…  £1  All Welcome     OVER 50’S  LINE DANCING  10.15AM  -  11.30AM


ST VINCENT de PAUL Association meet here in the Presbytery fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm for their prayer and discussions about he work they do in the parish:  They do a marvellous work they can do. They have great faith and show it with good works of charity. I truly believe more people have the desire and zeal to help the Parish through the SVP:  Please ring John Gannon for details & Date of next Meeting on 661258.


If anyone goes to Hospital and is likely to be there for a few days …. Please tell Fr Jude and I will do my best to visit them in hospital


Calling Knitters of the Parish:  Barbara Etherington has made contact with a lady who needs blankets for children in Romania. So are there any Knitters out there who would like to help. Clearly the ‘knitters’ will need wool. So maybe there are people out there with sheep who could supply wool ?  Perhaps if you just have spare wool that I am sure would do nicely, as the blankets are those multi coloured square patches ones. If you can help with either WOOL or KNNITTING SKILLS then please ring Barbara on 01254 246217: Many thanks


ST ALBAN’S SCHOOL   VACANCY for SCHOOL CARE TAKER:   See on Blackburn with Darwen Web Site under Vacancies from next Wednesday :