Charity Donations in 2010

A huge thanks to everyone who donated to our various charities and organisations during 2010.


The total given to CAFOD was £16,411. Thanks to all who gave 1p's 5p's, who bought flowers and wreaths and baskets of flowers. Much is given weekly in the green envelopes. A huge amount was given for Haiti.

The total this year was £8,514 more than 2009 !!!

Once again a huge than-you everyone.


Your love care and help for our special children knows no bounds. I can only guess at your contribution and I think it will have been over £4,500. God bless you all.

Red Mill Hill Mission Boxes

The total given by people who had the Red Mission Boxes came to £4,275. We are in the top 10 parishes for our giving. Fantastic again. If you would like a Red Mission Box Fr. Jude has a cupboard full !!

I Believe  - Action Cambodia

Total likely to be around £7,500. Many thanks for your wonderful work and contributions.