Newsletter - 08/10/2017






TWENTY SIXTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR  (Year A)  8th October 2017  

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Monday 09 Oct 2017

John Henry Newman

No Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 10 Oct 2017

St Paulinus of York

No Mass

Franciscan Convent  

9.30 am Mass

Wed 11 Oct 2017

9.00 am Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Thursday 12 Oct 2017

St Wilfrid

9.00 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

Friday 13 Oct 2017

Edward the Confessor

12.15 Mass


Franciscan Convent

10.00 am Mass

Saturday 14 Oct 2017

St Callistus

Confession:  11 – 12.00

KSC Rosary 11.45

12.15 Mass (Mary Halstead – Ashes)

6.30 pm Mass

9.10 Rosary

9.30 am Mass

12 noon Mass

15th October 2017

28th Sunday of the Year

9.00 am Mass

11.15 am Mass


10.15 Mass

10.00 am Mass

5.00 pm Mass

LATLEY DEAD:  Mrs Masie Rebello (aged 92) and Nichola Joseph.


GRAND MEETING AT HOLY SOULS LAST SUNDAY – the hall was filled with people from all 3 churches. I hope parishioners found it helpful and informative. We recalled the history of all 3 churches and how they grew from 1773 to today. In an open meeting many people added their thoughts about how we move forward together and lots of suggestions were made about various issues and concerns. One thing I felt deeply was the concern felt for myself… and the need for each to help in whatever way possible. Bless you for that. The overwhelming suggestions for an overall Parish name was St Alban (about 75%  --  around 20% were around ‘Trinity / 3 in 1’. But we have 2 Holy Trinity’s… one behind St Alban’s and one across the road from Holy Souls.. no point in confusing our neighbours. So we will go with the name we began with in 1773; the parish we all grew from and grew out of the 1901 church on Larkhill. Each church will retain its current name… so each will be eg.. Good Shepherd in the Parish of St Alban. Thanks again.




ACTION MOTHER’S PRAYER DATES AT ST. ALBAN’S  (Now to be first Wednesday of each Month)

Next date is  WEDNESDAY 1st NOVEMBER at 3.30 pm.


FAMILY FAST DAY- Hope the jam butties went down well- please use Cafod envelopes for your gift and sign up the bit if you pay tax. Thanks so much


KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA: Meet at St Albans’ for their regular Saturday meeting at 11 am in the Presbytery  -- if you think you could help work for the church in this way – please pop along for a chat. They then lead the Rosary each Saturday at 11.45 In Church.


COMMUNION TO THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who would like a regular visit please complete the details on the form below:-


We are grateful to many of our parishioners who have volunteered for this important ministry already.


THE SOCIAL CENTRE / CLUB / BONNIES SCHOOL  It will be demolished in the next month or so.. the cost is quite substantial… and the whole area will be tarmaced. The project has gone through the Diocese & Architects and after a number of quotation the final cost will be in the region of £80,000 to £100,000 !!.. and without the help of Bob Turner (parishioner & Club Bookkeeper) I assure you it would have been a lot more. So every donation etc most gratefully received --- sadly the club has had its problems…including Dry Rot in my early days here and has always been supported by Church Funds in order to keep it going for the good of all our parishioners. In the last few years its use has declined and the writing has been on the wall.... the costs to sustain it were becoming prohibitive and the Diocese had no choice but to take the decision to call it a day. The poor state of the building (inside & outside) has meant there was no alternative use for the building and demolition was the only solution. However it will create much needed additional parking and possible alternative usage of the land in the years to come.

I wish to thank all those people who have worked and supported the club over the years. It has given many happy memories and provided the setting for countless family, parish & social events. Thanks to one and all who have been a part of the Social Centre from the beginning till now.


FINANCING THE DEMOLITION:    One simple way to help with the demolition costs is to:-“Sponsor a Millennium Plaque”. The plaques on the bottom walls of the side chapel areas of church began when we had our dry rot. Since then many people and families have continued to ‘club together’ to buy one and have their names inscribed on a Plaque for posterity. I wondered if there were people still around  - especially those who were educated in ‘the Old Bonnies’, may consider saying a thank you to the past school and in a strange way help it on its final journey. The cost is still £250 and Application Forms are dotted around church and underneath the Plaques. Many thanks if you can think about this. Fr Jude


KNITTED CHRISTMAS CHOC. ORANGE FAVOURS  etc..:  All proceeds from these and other items will go towards the Demolition Costs & Fr Ephraim in S. Africa. We will have the usual M & S Hamper & Winner Takes All Bottle Raffle in due time. No Advent Fayre this club!! But we will share what we make with Fr Ephraim.. however great our needs are.. we must share kindly at Christmas. Many thanks once again.


LAUDATO SI and the SEASON OF CREATION  1st September to 4th October



“LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us


JOIN OUR GREEN PARISH GROUP If you would like to know more about how we as a parish community can develop our efforts to become more aware  and act upon the message of Laudato Si … Please mark an asterisk  next to your name on the pledge form…or contact Bob  phone :07590513127 email:



LET’S HELP THE PARISH FAMILYPlease pray about how each one of us can do more to

strengthen the Parish family & the 3 Churches: We do need help in plenty of ways:

In Church:    Helping with the collection / welcoming people & handing out hymnbooks / Church Cleaning / Reading at Mass / Helping to distribute Holy Communion / Taking Holy Communion to our House bound or poorly parishioners……  we need ideas for times & ways of Prayer / Help with deepening our faith / a sense of outreach to people who could be interested in learning about our faith… list is pretty endless!!  More to come!!



Monday:        10.30-11.30 Exercise (SADLY NO LONGER free with Beez card)  £1…Over75 Free..

Tuesday:       1.30 - 4.30pm Over 50's bowling £2;  

Wednesday:   TaiChi  1.45 - 2.45 (£3) Beginners welcome. Please contact  

                     Mavis Deeney on 261330 for more information.

Thursday:     Over 50's Line dancing £1  10.30- 11.30.   Over 50's bowling £2  1.30 - 4.30

Friday:         7.00 to 9.00 pm    Line Dancing  £2.50p