Newsletter - 27/08/2017






TWENTY FIRST SUNDAY OF THE YEAR  (Year A) 27th August 2017  

Tel: 01254 59331    e-mail






Monday 28 Aug 2017

St Augustine

No Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Eucharistic Service


Tuesday 29 Aug 2017

Passion of John the Baptist

No Mass

Franciscan Convent  



9.30 am Mass


Wed 30 Aug 2017

St Margaret Clitheroe

9.00 am Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass


Thursday 31 Aug 2017

St Aidan

9.00 am Mass

7 pm Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

Friday 1 Sept 2017

St Edward Arrosmith

12.15 Mass


Exposition:8pm – 10 pm

Franciscan Convent

11 am Memorial Mass

Ronald (Ron) Russell

7 pm Healing Mass

Saturday 2 Sept 2017


Exposition 9.30 -10.30

11.30 Wedding Service

Lauren Pedley &

Mel Thornborough

6.30 pm Mass

9.10 Rosary

9.30 am Mass

12 noon Mass

3rd Sept 2017

22nd Sunday

9.00 am Mass

11.15 am Mass

10.15 Mass

10.00 am Mass

5.00 pm Mass



Fr Jude must give the Diocese a document with the reasons for the Amalgamation. This need to contain parishioner’s views and thoughts. We have been doing our best to look after the 3 churches and everyone for a while now. Please can I suggest the following:

We will have an ‘open forum’ after a 1st Sunday in the Month Coffee Morning: but in the meantime please can parishioners have a think and a pray about the amalgamation and put your thoughts in writing – either in an e-mail to or a letter which can be left in church or posted. Any worries / joys / how we can all share resources and develop the faith and parish life.

Clearly we need an overall ‘Parish Name’  -- we have lots of replies on this and the overwhelming view is to retain St Alban with its local heritage back to 1773 along with Holy Souls & Good Shepherd sprang from St Alban’s. So, pen to paper or finger to computer!! Please. God bless: Fr Jude


KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA: Meet at St Albans’ for their regular Saturday meeting at 11 am in the Presbytery  -- if you think you could help work for the church in this way – please pop along for a chat. They then lead the Rosary each Saturday at 11.45 In Church.


ACTION MOTHER’S PRAYER DATES AT ST. ALBAN’S  (Now to be first Wednesday of each Month)

Next date WEDNESDAY 6th SEPTEMBER at 3.30 pm.


The Diaconate: for Laymen is now being started in our Diocese and there is a leaflet about it at the back of church. Married or Single…. A great love & practise of the Catholic Faith together with some time to trained are needed. COULD THIS BE FOR YOU?



Our parish charity is holding an ‘Italian Night’ in The Good Shepherd Hall on Saturday, 23rd September. Doors will open at 7.30pm. The evening will include Italian food, music, quizzes and the inevitable raffle. The last time we held an Italian night it proved to be one of the most successful and enjoyable events we have organised. Tickets are £10 per person and will be available shortly from our three churches. Please remember to bring your own liquid refreshment. Donations of raffle prizes will be gratefully appreciated. Ciao.




We will bring lots of material to people soon about how we can all be involved; not just in this Season of Creation” time .. but for everyday of our lives.. the Motto is, as the Pope has said.. “To Live SIMPLY.. so that others may SIMPLY Live”                  

Runs from 1st September to 4th October [ St Francis feast day]. The main events are prayer gatherings with  both Catholic and Ecumenical being  organised - there are  many set prayers online :


LET’S HELP THE PARISH FAMILYPlease pray about how each one of us can do more to

strengthen the Parish family & the 3 Churches: We do need help in plenty of ways:

In Church:    Helping with the collection / welcoming people & handing out hymnbooks / Church Cleaning / Reading at Mass / Helping to distribute Holy Communion / Taking Holy Communion to our House bound or poorly parishioners……  we need ideas for times & ways of Prayer / Help with deepening our faith / a sense of outreach to people who could be interested in learning about our faith… list is pretty endless!!  More to come!!


COMMUNION TO THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who would like a regular visit please complete the details on the form below:-


We are grateful to many of our parishioners who have volunteered for this important ministry already. It is part of our priestly duties to visit the sick. We are delighted to be able to support our parishioners in any way. 



What is the Pledge all about?  We need an urgent and holistic response to the climate change crisis, that includes each of us embracing care for creation in our spiritual lives, taking steps to change our own lifestyle, and pushing for change in our society. Anyone taking this pledge commits to doing those three things in the spirit of Laudato Si’.


What do I have to do if I sign the Pledge?  The Laudato Si’ pledge states that the signer will “pray for and with creation, live more simply, and advocate to protect our common home.” We have resources to help suggest different ways to accomplish those three things, but we only ask that the signers commit to doing those in whatever way works best for them as an individual, family or parish. While there is no “requirement” as part of this pledge, we hope that anyone who signs it will also encourage others to sign the pledge and look for ways to become more engaged around care for creation in your parish and community as well.



Monday:        10.30-11.30 Exercise (SADLY NO LONGER free with Beez card)  £1…Over75 Free..

Tuesday:       1.30 - 4.30pm Over 50's bowling £2;  

Wednesday:   TaiChi  1.45 - 2.45 (£3) Beginners welcome. Please contact  

                     Mavis Deeney on 261330 for more information.

Thursday:     Over 50's Line dancing £1  10.30- 11.30.   Over 50's bowling £2  1.30 - 4.30

Friday:         7.00 to 9.00 pm    Line Dancing  £2.50p