Newsletter - 26/06/2011



ST ALBAN’S  26th June


Saturday Mass

6.30 pm


Sunday  Mass

9.15  &  11.15  

Sunday Morning  10.15am



O praise the Lord Jerusalem.


Alleluia, alleluia! I am the living bread which has come down from heaven, says the Lord. Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever. Alleluia!


ST ALBAN’S       

  ST ALBAN’S         



9.00  St Cyril



9.00  and (Requiem Fr Dick O’Connor 11.30 St Mary’s Haslingden)



Feast of st Peter & Paul   HOLYDAY OF OBLIGATION



9.30 (with the Children)  12.10 and 7.30pm



9.00  First martyrs of Rome



12.00 Requiem  Alban M Waters



12.15  Ashes Mass for Adrian Trengove


Confessions:  Saturday 11-12 & 5.45 -6.15 


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION   :  This Coming Sunday  (Sunday 3rd July)  will be the First Holy Communion Mass at the 11.15 Mass.  Please do come along and pray for and with our little ones and their families.


IRISH NIGHT at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour’s Church Hall THIS COMING FRIDAY:  1st July.

            Tickets are £5 including Supper and there will be a bar. All the proceeds are towards renovations to the Church Hall. All are very welcome.  TICKETS ON SALE AT THE PIETY STALL.


Many thanks to the kind person who passed on a white envelope for father Fred  - via Fr Jude  -  Amid all the thinks that happen on a Sunday morning – I can’t exactly remember who pave it to me  -  any way  - Fr Fred says a big thanks you.


EUCHARISTIC RALLY here at St Alban’s takes place here at St Alban’s THIS Sunday 26th June at 3 pm. There will be prayers / Benediction and a Procession around the grounds of the Church. It is always a wonderful afternoon of prayer and devotion to Our Blessed Lord on the Feast of the Body & Blood of Jesus  -  Corpus Christi.


CHARITY STALL OUTSIDE THE SOCIAL CENTRE :  During the summer we are going to hold a series of small Sunday Charity mornings just outside the Club. The club will be open as well and tea & biscuits (and anything stronger from the bar) will be available. We are in need of a few hearty souls who can help the small team running this venture. Please have a word with Bob Turner  (or myself) and I will put you in touch with Bob. Just about 4 or 5 Sunday mornings during the summer months.


RED MISSION BOXES It is the time in the year when they need to be brought to Church and replaced. So if you have one – please bring it to the Sacristy and we will swap it for an empty one  -  our generosity knows no bounds !!


          As are any Euros that find there way onto the collection plate !!


PARISH WEBSITE  New and Updated is on

Please remember our Parish Centre  -  if you are having a ‘Family Do’ or celebration; 21st, 40th   60th Birthday Party etc..  a celebration after a Baptism / Funeral / Wedding evening then please think to

hire our Centre for your Party. Pop in after Mass 4 a drink & a look in Tel: 661193 to enquire/book.


GOOD SHEPHERD HALL   Line Dancing   £2 A CLASS Monday & Friday 7pm to 9 pm: Tuesday 7.30 pm-

9.30pm .HEALTHY

HEART EXERCISE  Monday  10.30  -  11.30 Use Beez Card & NO Charge  SHORT MAT BOWLING  Over 50’s  Thursday 1.30

to 4.30 pm  and Dominos etc…  £1  All Welcome     OVER 50’S  LINE DANCING  10.15AM  -  11.30AM


ST VINCENT de PAUL Association meet here in the Presbytery fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm for their prayer and discussions about he work they do in the parish:  They do a marvellous work they can do. They have great faith and show it with good works of charity. I truly believe more people have the desire and zeal to help the Parish through the SVP:  Please ring John Gannon for details & Date of next Meeting on 661258.


If anyone goes to Hospital and is likely to be there for a few days …. Please tell Fr Jude and I will do my best to visit them in hospital


THE LEGION OF MARY  WOULD LIKE TO RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS. The organisation is open to any Catholic men and women. The Legion meet as a group once a week to pray together, to allocate work to be completed during the week and to report on work previously done. Our work consists in visiting the sick and housebound and those in retirement and nursing homes and in hospital. We always visit in pairs. We also like to support the parish priest in any ventures that may increase the spiritual life of a parish. It only takes 2 hours a week of your time; one hour for the meeting and another hour for the visiting or work allocated. Please contact Peter Costello on 262952   /  Stella  661503  or Joan on 886033.


Many thanks for reading this   // thinking about it and especially if it leads to a phone call and possible membership.   Fr Jude



This is the way that we will say the I confess together when the new translation comes



I confess to almighty God

And to you, my brothers and sisters,

That I have greatly sinned,

In my thoughts and in my words,

In what I have done

And in what I have failed to do,

Through my fault, through my fault

Through my most gervious fault.

Therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-virgin

All the angels and saints,

And you, my brothers and sisters

to pray for me to the Lord my God.