Newsletter - 12/02/2017


  St Alban And Good Shepherd





SIXTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR  (Year A)    12 February 2017  

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Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  &  5.45 – 6.15  





Monday 13 February 2017

No Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 14 February 2017

St Cyril & St Methodius

9.00 am Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Wed 15 February 2017


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Thurs 16 February 2017

9.00 am Mass

1.30 pm Nuptial Mass Gemma Foley & William Doherty

9.30 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

Friday 17 February 2017

The 7 Holy Founders of the Servite Order

12.15 pm Mass

Franciscan Convent

10.00 am Mass

Sat 18 February 2017



11.00am Exposition Rosary at 11.45 am

12.15 Memorial Mass

Violet Nickson

6.30 pm Mass

9.10 Rosary

9.30 am Mass

12 Noon Mass

Sunday 19 February 2017

7th Sunday of the Year

9.00 am Mass

11.15 am Mass

10.15 Mass

10.00 am Mass

5.00pm Mass

Please remember the lately dead:- Margaret Cumberland


CHARITY WORK FOR CAMBODIA We will have a talk at all the masses this weekend about the wonderful charity work being done here for Cambodia: There will be a retiring collection and I know you will be as kind as always. God bless the people of ‘The New Bonnies School’


A PRAYER FOR CAMBODIA. We ask Mary, the Mother of Our Saviour, to help the people of Cambodia. We ask her to intercede for us so that God’s love and care may be felt in the lives of those wounded in body and spirit, and suffering from the breakdowns in society. We pray for those who are trying to improve the lives of the people of Cambodia and ask that God may give them the vision of a new, peaceful and invigorated nation and the means to create it. Our Lady of Cambodia, pray for them. Our Lady of Cambodia, pray for us


LET’S HELP THE PARISH FAMILYPlease pray about how each one of us can do more to

strengthen the Parish family & the 3 Churches: We do need help in plenty of ways:

In Church:    Helping with the collection / welcoming people & handing out hymnbooks / Church Cleaning / Reading at Mass / Helping to distribute Holy Communion / Taking Holy Communion to our House bound or poorly parishioners……  we need ideas for times & ways of Prayer / Help with deepening our faith / a sense of outreach to people who could be interested in learning about our faith… list is pretty endless!!  More to come!!



24th February (a week on Friday) at 8.00pm. It will be a grand evening for all the family. Tickets are £5 each which includes Supper and Prizes. There will also be a raffle and please BYO (bring along your own drinks!!) For tickets and to guarantee your supper !! please call Patsy on 247941.


KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA: Rosary each Saturday morning at 11.45 am before 12.15 pm Mass


AMALGAMATION OF CHURCHES.  On Tuesday 24 January there was a meeting with the priests of the Diocese and our Bishop where we heard his ‘Plan’ first hand. For ourselves the major implication is that the churches of Good Shepherd, Holy Souls & St Alban’s would amalgamate and form one parish. Here we come to the Church/Legal bit… Canon Law.. we have to have an overall name. This has happened in the Clitheroe area… now called ’Our Lady of the Valley’ and next door where the 3 churches of St Teresa’s, Our lady’s and St Joseph’s have the parish name of ‘Holy Family’. Lots of the good names have gone already!! A few suggestions have been mentioned already… Blessed Trinity…3 in 1 … Our Lady of Lourdes…. And a thought that it retain the name St Alban as it was founded in 1773 when the formal practise of Catholicism retuned to Blackburn after the Reformation. We are open to suggestions for ‘a Parish Name’ … in reality it will be an area name. When Notice Boards outside our 3 churches need altering here are a few examples of how they could read: … “The Church of Good Shepherd” in the Parish of St Alban /  “The Church of St Alban” in the Parish of Blessed Trinity  //   “The Church of Holy Souls” in the Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes….. Please have a good think and prayer .. This is a ‘forever decision.’  The consultation process can last for a few months so we don’t have to make an instant decision. We will chat about it at mass soon. Please do make suggestions by e-mail or letter, or speak to Fr Jude/Joe/Paul. BEFORE ANY FINAL DECISION WE WILL HAVE AN OPEN MEETING TO CONSIDER OPTIONS. THANKS



COMMUNION TO THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who would like a regular visit please complete the details on the form below:-


We are grateful to many of our parishioners who have volunteered for this important ministry already. It is part of our priestly duties to visit the sick. We are delighted to be able to support our parishioners in any way. 



2 Dates available on Saturday 25th March and Saturday 13th May 2017

Time: 9.30am to 4.00pm

Venue: Holy Souls Parish Hall, Whalley New Road, Blackburn BB1 9BE

Cost: £70 per Couple that is £35 each person which includes lunch and drinks during the day.

How to Book: Couple’s book in themselves on a Marriage Care Appointment Service

Freephone 0800 389 3801 Mon-Friday between 9am and 5pm. Couples receive a Certificate on completion of the course. Bishop John Arnold is celebrating a Mass for Engaged Couple at Salford Cathedral on Saturday 18th February at 2pm to which all couples are invited


WALSINGHAM- England’s National Shrine to Our Lady

The annual pilgrimage to Walsingham by the Blackburn Association will take place between May 16th-18th 2017.Cost is approx. £170 per person, some sharing may be required. Deposit is £50 non-returnable.To book a place please call: - Vincent on 01254 209101


KNIT FOR PEACE. Barbara would like to thank all those who are donating wool & knitting squares for blankets. A big special thanks as well to the “mystery lady” who has made so many beautiful bob hats over a very long period. Knit for peace helps Age UK, people in need and refugees. The charity continues to thrive and last year it sent off 11 large boxes of goods and already this year 1 box has been sent. Thank you all.


ACTION MOTHER’S PRAYER DATES AT ST. ALBAN’S (All on Wednesdays now starting at 3.30pm)

Next date is Wednesday 1st March and every fortnight.



Monday:        10.30-11.30 Exercise (SADLY NO LONGER free with Beez card)  £1…Over75 Free..

Tuesday:       1.30 - 4.30pm Over 50's bowling £2;   

Wednesday:   TaiChi  1.45 - 2.45 (£3) Beginners welcome. Please contact  

                     Mavis Deeney on 261330 for more information.

Thursday:     Over 50's Line dancing £1  10.30- 11.30.   Over 50's bowling £2  1.30 - 4.30

Friday:         7.00 to 9.00 pm    Line Dancing  £2.50p