Newsletter - 11/12/2016





THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT  (Year A)    11th December 2016  

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Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  &  5.45 – 6.15  





Monday 12 December

Our Lady of Guadalupe

No Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 13 December

St. Lucy, Virgin & Martyr

9.00 am Mass

6.00 pm Great Carol Service with all our local RC Schools

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Wednesday 14 December

St John of the Cross

9.00 am Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Thursday 15 December

1.15 Requiem Mass

Eileen Atherton

9.30 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

Friday 16 December

7.30 am Advent Mass & 12.15 pm

Franciscan Convent

10.00 am Mass

Saturday 17 December


12.15 Mass

6.30 pm Mass

9.10 Rosary

9.30 am Mass

12.00 Mass

Sunday 18 December


9.00 am Mass

11.15 am Mass

10.15 Mass

10.00 am Mass

5.00pm Mass

Please remember the lately dead:- Eileen Atherton, Frank Briggs, Walter Taylor, Margaret Greenwood


Despite all valiant attempts of June & Ray and the Staff, concerned parishioners and many others our Parish Centre will finally close for good after the 2016 New Year’s Party.

Our Centre has suffered from trading issues, the downturn in popularity & support for the Club Trade and losses for a long time. The Diocese strongly pushed for its closure 2 years ago; we asked for a reprieve of execution but the hopeful financial improvement has not matched the expenditures, building overheads and security costs for the building. So let’s enjoy the last 6 weeks and pop in for a drink if you can. Thanks to all who have done all they could to keep it going over the years…


LET’S HELP THE PARISH FAMILY:  Please pray about how each one of us can do more to

strengthen the Parish family & the 3 Churches: We do need help in plenty of ways:

In Church:    Helping with the collection / welcoming people & handing out hymnbooks / Church Cleaning / Reading at Mass / Helping to distribute Holy Communion / Taking Holy Communion to our House bound or poorly parishioners……  we need ideas for times & ways of Prayer / Help with deepening our faith / a sense of outreach to people who could be interested in learning about our faith… list is pretty endless!!   More to come!!


GREAT CAROL SERVICE: Tuesday 13th Dec: 6.00pm in Church with all our local RC Schools


CHRISTMAS FAIR:   Huge thanks to one all for your support last Sunday:  We could send lots of money to Fr Ephraim and we made well over £2,600.  The Winner Takes all drink Raffle was won by Connie Passerinni and Margaret Watson won the M & S Hamper. My deepest thanks to the ladies who prepared so much of the items on the stalls and those great souls who came at 8 am to set up the Club on the day and all who gave in any and every way. Jude


Dear Frs. Jude, Joe and the parishioners,

Many thanks for the donation of £1,500 I received from the Christmas Fair you recently held. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. The weather did not prevent you from getting out for the fair. I thank those who put so much effort to the success of the day. Your generosity gives me so much courage to do what I am doing for the mission. The burden of caring for the orphans and the poor people is lightened with joy of seeing them happy knowing they are thought of by some good souls out there. Hopefully by the end of the year we will have completed the kitchen in St. Joseph's parish, Vredefort, and get it running for the feeding of these little ones. The conditions of most people here call for pity especially after 20 years of democracy. Corruption is a dreadful sickness here and the cure yet to be found. When people are robbed even of the little they have they tend to turn to other means for survival. This has led to the rampant increase in HIV/AIDS related illnesses even among the very young people. However, we are not to give up. With your prayers and help, we shall one time overcome.I wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

God bless you and I will be with you in the New Year Fr. Ephraim Odhiambo MHM


SENIOR CITIZENS PARTY AT Our Lady & St John’s:  Thursday Dec: 15th 1pm:  Transport available if needed: If you wish to come: please sign the sheet at the back of Church and ‘tick’ if you need picking up: Carols. Food & drink & Festive Music… a wonderful afternoon.


COMMUNION TO THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who would like a regular visit please complete the details on the form below:-


We are grateful to many of our parishioners who have volunteered for this important ministry already. It is part of our priestly duties to visit the sick. We are delighted to be able to support our parishioners in any way. 


CHRISTMAS FAMILY CANDLES:  If you wish to have a family candle lit in Church during Christmas Season: Please pop an offering in an envelope with the family names or names: Candles are £2  /  £6  /  £10.

Many thanks.


CONIFER & GREENERY: - We are looking for conifer and greenery such as holly etc. for Pat to decorate all around the church. If you have any could you please drop off at the side door of church or presbytery. Ta.

FLOWER DONATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS… Thanks…slot in sacristy door  .. or ‘flowers for Christmas’ in an envelope!  


MOTHER’S PRAYER DATES AT ST. ALBAN’S (All on Wednesdays now starting at 3.30pm)

Next date is in January.


KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA: Rosary each Friday at 7.30pm …. IN THE PRESBYTERY CHAPEL… During the winter…. Warmer in the Presbytery Chapel;   Come to the Front door of the presbytery.. Chapel is straight in front and the Knights will see you at the Presbytery Door.


LEGION OF MARY  The legion of Mary is one of the biggest lay organisations in the Catholic Church around the world, and invites Catholics to a deeper relationship with God and to Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. Unfortunately, due to pressures of work and ill-health, the Holy Family parish Legion has fallen to only two active members. I invite those who are interested in being part of the Legion’s work of bringing Christ’s love to those in most need, and in deepening their own faith, to contact Fr. Barry or Fr. Frankie. For St. Alban’s and Good Shepherd our Group is based at Holy Souls so for further information please speak to Father Jude.



Monday:        10.30-11.30 Exercise (SADLY NO LONGER free with Beez card)  £1…Over75 Free..

Tuesday:       1.30 - 4.30pm Over 50's bowling £2;    Line Dancing  7.30  - 9.30 pm £2-50

Wednesday:   TaiChi commences again on 5 October 1.45-2.45 (£2.50) Beginners welcome. Please contact  

                     Mavis Deeney on 261330 for more information.

Thursday:     Over 50's Line dancing £1  10.30- 11.30.   Over 50's bowling £2  1.30 - 4.30

Friday:         7.00 to 9.00 pm    Line Dancing  £2.50p