Newsletter - 15/05/2016





PENTECOST OR WHIT SUNDAY  (Year C)    15th May 2016  

 Tel: 01254 59331    e-mail

Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  &  5.45 – 6.15  






Monday 16 May

No Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 17 May

9.00 am Mass

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Wednesday 18 May

St John I , Pope

9.00 am Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass

Thursday 19 May

St Dunstan, Bishop

9.00 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

9.30 am Mass

Friday 20 May

St Bernardine of Siena, Priest

12.15 Mass

Franciscan Convent

10.00am Mass

Saturday 21 May

St. Christopher of Magallanes,

12.15 pm Mass

6.30 pm Mass

9.10am Rosary

9.30 am Mass

12 noon Mass  


Sunday 22 May


9.00 am Mass

11.15 am Mass

10.15 Mass

10 am Mass

5.00pm Mass

Please remember the lately dead:-,  Kieran Keigher, Theresa Lyons, Agnes Teresa Boyle, Poppy-Mai Barnard, Cathy Moran



The building adjacent to our church has been a significant facility for this parish; firstly as a school since 1866 but in later years it has been supported by parishioners & their families as their social centre.

MEMBERSHIP  Please consider joining along with friends and neighbours if possible.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for 2016:  Under 65   £5        65 – 79 years £3        Over 80 Free


BOOKINGS  Pop in and talk to June or Lynn or ring the Club:  661193.

If there isn’t a Private Function on a Friday evening: there will be BINGO with the 1st House at 8.30pm : Club opens at 7.30pm AND on these occasions there is a free supper…so please come along and support the Club. Thanks



HELP NEEDED AT PARISH & DEANERY LEVEL: We are seeking parishioners care & assistance with our ‘engaged couple & Marriage preparation’. We are seeking married people (who will be given training) by Marriage Care Counsellors to help with a couple of afternoon sessions for our engaged people who are preparing for marriage in our churches.  Please have a think!

Also The Medaille Trust: which gives assistance to people caught up in ‘People Trafficking’. You might think that this is just an issue in big cities… I assure you that it occurs absolutely everywhere. There are some Booklets at the back of Church… We are seeking a Parish Rep (who will be a sort of Parish Co-ordinator) to help increase awareness amongst us all. This could be just up YOUR street… in more senses than one.. please speak to one of the priests for more details:  Many Thanks



CALLUM BROWN  On Tuesday during a special service at Oscott Seminary the Bishop of Birmingham will confirm his further progress to the priesthood. Both Father Jude and Father Leo Heakin from our Diocese will be present. Please pray for Callum as he makes further progress towards the priesthood.


GIFT AID AT ST ALBAN’S   our parish records of gift aid giver’s addressses are way out of date: PLEASE CAN YOU WRITE YOUR ADDRESS & POST CODE ON THE BACK OF YOUR ENVELOPE ASAP !! BIG THANKS



YEAR OF MERCY: HOLIDAY IN POLAND: Fr Jude is Chaplain and going on the trip from 5th – 12th Sept. The Holiday is being run by our Parishioners Gerry & Sue Flynn – ENJOY TRAVEL – we have had many wonderful trips with them over the years. This super holiday includes sightseeing trips every day. Auschwitz, the Famous Salt Mine, Schindler’s Factory, Krakow, Sr Faustina’s Mass & White Water Rafting!! Dinner/B&B, Flights & Free Coach from St Alban’s to Airport. Brochures (WITH BOOKING FORMS) at the Church Doors




This will take place on SUNDAY 3RD JULY AT THE 11.15 MASS when the children in Year 3 & Year 4 will be receiving Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion at mass for the 1st time.

Once again, please keep them all in your thoughts & prayers

If you have a child of these ages who for any reason hasn’t received either / or both of these sacraments, then please have word with Fr Jude 



Most sincere apologies to the family of Maria Cole when, as a result of misinformation, her death was wrongly announced at both Holy Souls Masses last week end. Maria is still in hospital in Preston and her family would appreciate all your prayers, love and thoughts.  Fathers Jude, Joe and Paul.


MOTHER’S PRAYER DATES AT ST. ALBAN’S (All on Wednesdays starting at 4pm)

These are little gatherings to pray for sons and daughters of families who seem to have drifted away from the practice of the faith, and which is very often a great heartache for their mums and dads. These gatherings are specially for mums who want to pray together for this need and intention. They take place as follows:-

18 May                                                           1 June

15 June                                                29 June

13 July                              27 July

10 August                         24 August …… and every fortnight



We extend our heartfelt thanks and prayers to Canon Jude, to the priests who concelebrated the Requiem Mass for Sister Anna, and to all who have supported us in this time of sorrow.

The many Masses offered for Sister Anna, your prayers and messages of sympathy have been a great source of comfort and strength for us all.  

Renewed thanks, love and peace in Jesus, FMSJ Sisters



 Monday:        10.30-11.30 Exercise (free with Beez card)

 Tuesday:       1.30-4.30pm Over 50's bowling £2;

 Wednesday:   Tai Chi 1.30 - 3.00pm £2.50 inc tea/biscuits.

 Thursday:     10.15-11.30am Over 50's Line dancing £1; 1.30-4.30pm Over 50's bowling.

Friday:     7.30 to 9.30 pm  Line Dancing  £2.50p