Newsletter - 01/11/2015





ALL SAINTS   1st November 2015  

 Tel: 01254 59331    e-mail







2 November

9.00am Mass

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am Mass


3 November

9.00am Eucharistic Service


Franciscan Convent

9.30 am  Mass


4 November

9.15am Mass in School

St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop

Franciscan Convent

9.30 am  Mass


5 November

9.00am Mass


9.30am Mass


9.30am   Mass


6 November

12.15 am Mass

7.30pm Rosary with the Knights of St Columba in Church

Franciscan Convent

7.00pm Healing Mass


7 November

12.15 Mass

6.30pm Vigil Mass

St. Willibrord, Bishop

9.30am Mass

Rosary at 9.10 am

12 Noon


 8th November


9.00am    Mass

11.15am  Mass

Thirty Second Sunday & Remembrance Sunday  

10.15 Mass

10.00am   Mass  

 5.00pm    Mass 

Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  & 5.45 – 6.15

Please pray for Lately Dead:   Alice Brady, William (Bill) Lever, Canon James Early



We will have a Firework display in the School Yard next to our Parish Social Centre on Friday 6th November. For anyone who wants some food then supper in  the form of a Potaoto / Cheese Pie in the club at a cost of £2.50. Tickets for this supper are available at the piety stall.

HELP:--  Does anyone know where I can Buy “BIG Fireworks”  at a decent price Looks like the Fire Work Shop in Padiham!!  I know I will have to shop around for them. And any donations or contributions would be really welcome. Thanks Fr Jude


MONTH OF NOVEMBER  As we now enter November we will pray especially for our Faithful Departed parishioners, family and friends. This Sunday and Monday are the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls. We will have blank lists available at the back of Church on which you can write the names of those who have died whom you wish to be remembered at mass during November. Please leave the lists on the Altar or with one of the priests. Don’t leave money with them!! If you wish to have Mass offered for a particular person, then please use an envelope with the name and an offering and give that back to one of the priests.



OUR SCHOOL HELPS THE PEOPLE OF CAMBODIA. On Thursday 15thOctober , St Alban’s Primary School hosted a fun-filled evening of fashion and shopping. The evening was a great success and raised an amazing £569 for our parish charity, “ACTION 4 CAMBODIA.” Many thanks to everyone who helped, supported , donated and contributed to the evening. Your generosity and kindness were greatly appreciated.



RED MISSION BOXES.  These are now due for collection. Please bring them in as soon as possible and pass to Stella or Bernadette. Thank you




As you know Father Paul says masses at all three churches and currently has to rely on taxis and buses since he doesn’t drive. From time to time he has received lifts to take him home or to town but it would be really nice if after masses anyone who might be going his way was able to provide him with a lift. Thank you Father Jude.





The Padre Pio Prayer Group begins officially on Thursday 8th October at Franciscan Convent on East Park Road at 7pm, and every Thursday after that. Everyone is welcome at any meeting.

Anyone who is interested can either just arrive at the convent or contact Sister Isabel at 01254 - 53962 or 07960 880336.



The building adjacent to our church has been a significant facility for this parish; firstly as a school since 1866 but in later years it has been supported by parishioners & their families as their social centre.

MEMBERSHIP  Please consider joining along with friends and neighbours if possible.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for 2015:  Under 65   £5        65 – 79 years £3        Over 80 Free



1. Friday 6th November. FIREWORKS & FOOD in the school yard next to the Club. Tickets available at piety if supper is required (£2.50)

2. Sunday 8th November. “Sparkle Sisters”

BOOKINGS  Please continue to book the Social Centre for, Christening Parties / Special Birthday Celebrations / Evening Wedding Parties……etc.  Pop in and talk to June or Lynn or ring the Club:  661193.


If there isn’t a Private Function on a Friday evening: there will be BINGO with the 1st House at 8.30pm : Club opens at 7.30pm AND on these occasions there is a free supper…so please come along and support the Club. Thanks




Monday:-   10.30-11.30 am  Exercise (free with a Beez Card)

Tuesday:-   1.30-4.30 pm   Over 50’s Bowling £2.00;  7.30-9.30 pm Line Dancing £2.50

Thursday:- 10.15-11.30 am  Over 50’s Line Dancing £1.00; 1.30-4.30 pm Over 50’s Bowling £2.00

Friday:-     7.00-9.00 pm Line Dancing £2.50


Every Friday at 7.30 pm the Knights of St Columba say the Rosary in St Alban’s Church:

Anyone is most welcome to come along whenever you are able. Thank You



The Food Bank has expressed how grateful they are for the food supplied already from St Alban’s. Please continue to bring goods along for them. Many thanks.