Newsletter - 04/10/2015





TWENTY SIXTH SUNDAY   4th October 2015  

 Tel: 01254 59331    e-mail







5 October

9.00am Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30am  Mass



6 October

9.00am Mass

St Bruno, Priest

Franciscan Convent

9.30am   Mass


7 October

9.15am Mass for Year 5 in School

Our Lady of the Rosary

9.30am Mass

9.30 am  Mass


 8 October

9.00am Mass

11 am Funeral Service Annie Hunter (aged 94)

9.30am Mass


9.30am   Mass


 9 October

12.15 am Mass John Henry Newman

11 Requiem @ St Mary’s Osbaldeston

Therese Savage (Fr Jude to say)

7.30pm Rosary with the Knights of St Columba in Church

Franciscan Convent

9.30am Mass


 10 October

12.15 Mass

St John XXIII, Pope

6.30pm Vigil Mass

9.30am Mass

Rosary at 9.10 am

12 Noon


 11th October


9.00am    Mass

11.15am  Mass

Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year  

10.15 Mass

10.00am   Mass  

 5.00pm    Mass 

Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  & 5.45 – 6.15

Please pray for Lately Dead:   Therese Savage, Mary Lucas, Annie Hunter, Fr Michael Fasnacht, Teresa McCrudden  Martin Hannan


We will have a Firework display in the School Yard next to our Parish Social Centre on Friday 6th November.

HELP:--  Does anyone know where I can Buy “BIG Fireworks”  at a decent price !!  I know I will have to shop around for them. And any donations or contributions would be really welcome.

Thanks Fr Jude


MISSIONS APPEAL  An Appeal on behalf of the Missions this year will be from the Marists Fathers. This will be made by at the following Masses by Father Reg Riley    One of our local Marist Fathers :-

Sunday 18th October ---- 9 and 11.15 Mass at St. Alban’s and also Good Shepherd 10.15 Mass


RED MISSION BOXES.  These are now due for collection. Please bring them in as soon as possible and pass to Stella or Bernadette. Thank yo


Fund Raising Event!! (Don't miss out!!)

The Fashion Show and Sale Company will be modeling high street fashions and selling them on the night all at cut prices.  This event will take place at St. Alban's Primary School hall on Thursday 15 October at 7.00pm.  Tickets £5 available after Mass at the back of church, this includes refreshments and nibbles.  All proceeds will be donated to A4C.  Come and grab yourself a bargain!!  Any donations of raffle prizes will also be greatly appreciated.





The Padre Pio Prayer Group begins officially on Thursday 8th October at Franciscan Convent on East Park Road at 7pm, and every Thursday after that. Everyone is welcome at any meeting.

Anyone who is interested can either just arrive at the convent or contact Sister Isabel at 01254 - 53962 or 07960 880336.



The building adjacent to our church has been a significant facility for this parish; firstly as a school since 1866 but in later years it has been supported by parishioners & their families as their social centre.

MEMBERSHIP  Please consider joining along with friends and neighbours if possible.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for 2015:  Under 65   £5        65 – 79 years £3        Over 80 Free



1. Friday 6th November. FIREWORKS & FOOD in the school yard next to the Club. Tickets available at piety if supper is required (£2.50)

2. Sunday 8th November. “Sparkle Sisters”

BOOKINGS  Please continue to book the Social Centre for, Christening Parties / Special Birthday Celebrations / Evening Wedding Parties……etc.  Pop in and talk to June or Lynn or ring the Club:  661193.


If there isn’t a Private Function on a Friday evening: there will be BINGO with the 1st House at 8.30pm : Club opens at 7.30pm AND on these occasions there is a free supper…so please come along and support the Club. Thanks


Mrs Beryl Callaghan – is a long time St Alban’s parishioner now living in Lincs.  Beryl was a parishioner here for many years and lived across from the Primary School. Her e-mail address is --

I am sure she would appreciate any communication. Many thanks



Thanks for everyone who spoke to their MPs and as you all know the Bill was rejected. Here is an extract from a reply to a parishioner from Andrew Stephenson MP for Pendle.

“I know from members of my own family having suffered in later life, just how hard it is to support someone with very poor quality of life and to see people you love dearly experience so much pain. Nontheless, I remain deeply concerned about the risks of legalising euthanasia. This is an issue requiring very serious thought but I struggle to see how these risks could be mitigated.

My position is formed from a strong sense that we need to ensure frail or elderly people are not made to feel an obligation to die, in order to relieve their families of stress or hardship. It would in my view be unacceptable if MPs permitted those who genuinely want to die to be assisted in doing so, at the expense of others who do not want to die feeling that they must choose to do so.”




Monday:-   10.30-11.30 am  Exercise (free with a Beez Card)

Tuesday:-   1.30-4.30 pm   Over 50’s Bowling £2.00;  7.30-9.30 pm Line Dancing £2.50

Thursday:- 10.15-11.30 am  Over 50’s Line Dancing £1.00; 1.30-4.30 pm Over 50’s Bowling £2.00

Friday:-     7.00-9.00 pm Line Dancing £2.50


Every Friday at 7.30 pm the Knights of St Columba say the Rosary in St Alban’s Church:

Anyone is most welcome to come along whenever you are able. Thank You



The Food Bank has expressed how grateful they are for the food supplied already from St Alban’s. Please continue to bring goods along for them. Many thanks.



This year’s Pilgrimage will take place on SATURDAY 10tth OCTOBER,the Memorial of St John XXII and St Paulinus of York and will begin with Mass at 12 noon.