Newsletter - 05/07/2015





FOURTEENTH SUNDAY  5th July 2015  

 Tel: 01254 59331    e-mail







6 July

9.00am Mass

St Maria Goretti, Virgin & Martyr

Franciscan Convent

9.30am   Eucharistic Service


7 July

9.00am Mass


Franciscan Convent

9.30am   Mass


8 July

9.00am Mass 


9.30am Mass


9.30am   Mass 


9 July

9.00am Mass


9.30am Mass


9.30am   Mass


10 July

12.15 am Mass 

7.30pm Rosary with the Knights of St Columba in Church

Franciscan Convent

10.00 Mass


11 July

Requiem Mass 11.00 Priscilla Aldridge

6.30pm Vigil Mass

9.30am Mass

Rosary at 9.10 am

12 noon Mass  

Sunday 12 July

Fifteenth Sunday

9.00am  Mass


10.15 Mass

10.00am   Mass  

 5.00pm    Mass 

Confessions:  Saturday  11 – 12  & 5.45 – 6.15

Please pray for the children & families of our 1st Holy Communicants this Sunday at 11.15 Mass



As promised in the recent Pastoral Letter from Bishop John, the diocesan consultation is now ready and will remain open for several weeks.

It can be accessed at where responses can be entered directly onto the electronic form. This is the best way to complete the questionnaire, since the system will also do the analysis of responses. For those who do not have access to a computer, paper copies of the questionnaire can be obtained from the parish priest/parish office/back of church. As well as your individual responses, we have been asked to provide a collective response from the parish and so we will have a parish meeting for this purpose Please submit all responses by the deadline of Friday 7 August 2015


Sat: 11th July at 10am Sacristy in St Alban’s (Cancelled with the Requiem Mass)

Sun: 12th July after the 10am Mass at Holy Souls (In Church)

Good Shepherd have discussed most of these with Fr O’Carroll.

We can send in Group Responses after these meetings.

If you can send an electronic response… please do… the deadline doesn’t give much leeway; hence we will speak about this at Mass this weekend.


Every Friday at 7.30 pm the Knights of St Columba say the Rosary in St Alban’s Church:

Anyone is most welcome to come along whenever you are able. Thank You.


QUIZ NIGHT:  Thursday 16th July in St Alban’s Social Centre: Start at 8.00 pm

This is the Area Quiz for the Knights of St Columba but any group of friends who wish to join in for the fun of it are more than welcome. I’m sure there will be some supper and Fr Jude has been hired in to write & lead the quiz (price of a pint  -  he’s cheap!!)  Come and enjoy.



The building adjacent to our church has been a significant facility for this parish; firstly as a school since 1866 but in later years it has been supported by parishioners & their families as their social centre.

MEMBERSHIP  Please consider joining along with friends and neighbours if possible.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for 2015:  Under 65   £5        65 – 79 years £3        Over 80 Free



BOOKINGS  Please continue to book the Social Centre for, Christening Parties / Special Birthday Celebrations / Evening Wedding Parties……etc.  Pop in and talk to June or Lynn or ring the Club:  661193.


If there isn’t a Private Function on a Friday evening: there will be BINGO with the 1st House at 8.30pm : Club opens at 7.30pm AND on these occasions there is a free supper…so please come along and support the Club. Thanks


LEGION OF MARY TRIP  Medjugorje:  In 1990  Our Lady Queen of Peace prayer group was formed when we travelled to Medgugorje.  Members have met every Tuesday night since then for 25 years.  We currently meet at Good Shepherd Church at 7.30pm and to celebrate our 25th year we are returning to our roots travelling to Medgogorje form 1st to 8th October 2015.   Cost is £530 which includes flight and half board.  If you would like to join us please contact any member of the group or telephone Peter Costello 01254 262952



St. Alban's RCP
Primary School NurseryIf your child is aged 3 before the 1st of September.

Come and play, learn and have fun.

Ring: 01254 57582


8.45 to 11.45


12.00 to 3.00


MASS OFFERINGS:                                                                            Just a gentle reminder. We are so grateful for people asking us to say a mass for people… alive, well, poorly or gone home to God……  and people give a donation for the Mass Intention. When we are given more masses than we can actually during a week we pass them on to Father Thomas & Father Ephraim and their fellow priests to say. The issue is the ‘amount of the donation’. Quite a few years ago £5 was the minimum gift and times etc… have moved onwards and upwards. Most donations are of £10 nowadays. So can I ask you to consider the size of the donation you give for a mass and to know that in a variety of ways your donation goes to help people way beyond St Alban’s. Many thanks



Please return your boxes to church as soon as possible. Thanks


CAFOD:    many thanks to the Anonymous Donor who left a CAF Cheque recently for Cafod at the back of Church..  fortunately we did find it  !!! but, should you do this again, please pop it into the candle money box to be sure it gets home!! Thanks




Monday:-   10.30-11.30 am  Exercise (free with a Beez Card)

Tuesday:-   1.30-4.30 pm   Over 50’s Bowling £2.00;  7.30-9.30 pm Line Dancing £2.50

Thursday:- 10.15-11.30 am  Over 50’s Line Dancing £1.00; 1.30-4.30 pm Over 50’s Bowling £2.00

Friday:-     7.00-9.00 pm Line Dancing £2.50



Please keep in your prayers :-  All who are poorly  especially Sylvia Kelly