Newsletter - 06/04/2014


5th Sunday of Lent

ST ALBAN’S     6th APRIL 2014


Saturday Mass

6.30 pm         Year A       


Sunday Mass

9.15  &  11.15      Year A

Sunday Mass  10.15 am

PREFACE – Lent 3

Eucharistic Prayer  Acclamation





With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.


Glory and praise to you, O Christ! I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me will never die. Glory and praise to you, O Christ!



  ST ALBAN’S  ( )



12 Noon: Requiem Mass  Maria Andruszczak

No Mass


11 Requiem Mass: Grace Perkins

12.30 Requiem Mass:  Anastazia Kononczuk       

9.30 mass








 7.30 am  Requiem Mass: 11.00 Arthur Walmsley

No 12.15 this Friday

No Mass





Confessions on Saturday.  11-11-45 noon & 5.45 - 6.15

Stations of the Cross: NOT THIS FRIDAY & Saturday at 11.50 am (before the 12.15 mass)

                                         Friday evening at 7 pm in Church (led by the Knights of St Columba)

The Word This Week                  I am the resurrection and the life

The Gospel of the  Fifth Sunday is perhaps the deepest meditation on the mystery of Baptism and membership of the Church. It is a prelude to the events of Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the triumph of life over death. To be plunged into the waters of baptism is to be buried with Christ, only to rise with him from the waters. This paradox of life and death is the content of today’s readings. There is no more important part of our faith that the resurrection: that Christ rose from the dead is the very centre and heart of all that we believe - without it, our faith is useless. In the same way our belief in our own resurrection is vital: it is the most deeply needed gift that Christ gives us. This is why the climax of the instructions given to candidates for Baptism was this teaching: that Christ would give them life after death. Look ahead to the 3rd Sunday of Easter, where Saint Peter preaches to the crowds – what he teaches them is that life comes after death, as it did for Lazarus, and for Christ himself.

Service for the Children’s First Confession this Tuesday 8th April at 6pm. People are welcome to join the children and families for the Sacrament of Forgiveness on the evening.


Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week and the beautiful Services of the week.

As custom is here at St Alban’s, one of the young Helpers of Group 72 HCPT, who take the children to Lourdes at Easter will give a little address at the masses next weekend. We will be able to write names on the Candle Sheets that we will take to Lourdes and place in the Petition Box. There will be a Retiring Collection to help fund one or two of the children we are taking. We are taking three children form St Alban’s School this year.. so we have a ‘real local interest’ !! Many thanks in Advance.


 URGENT APPEAL FOR CHURCH CLEANERS     THANKS FOR THE NEW RECRUITS!! At this moment we are down a couple of Thursday & Friday morning Church Cleaners. If you can spare an hour or so on either day………….  Just pop into church at around 10 am on either of the days and the ladies who organise the ‘where and who does what of the church cleaning’ will make you very welcome and give you either a brush or a duster…. Or both!!



Thomas Fish; Jonathan Pope;   Madeline Gibbons  Mary McCallum    Aunty Margaret Francis Moore


BERNARD CHARNOCK former well known priest here at St Alban’s is celebrating his 50 years of Service to the Priesthood in May. This is being held at St Monica’s Church, Woodsend Road South, M41 6QB at 6pm on Friday 23rd May. Mass will be followed by a Buffet and Social Time at Our Lady’s and English Martyrs’ Parish Hall Davyhulme M41 7DS. If anyone would like to attend please reply by 1st May. This can be by post to St Monica’s or by email to or by phone or text  to 07531179552.


Diocese of Salford Pilgrimage to Lourdes:  July 31st to 7th August

Travelling in a variety of ways with appropriate charges:

For general enquiries or for sick pilgrims  -  please apply direct to the Diocesan Office in Salford on the Tel:

0161 817 2209

Or have a look at the Adverts on the Notice Boards at the back of Church

Father Jude does have booking forms with all the prices and costs 




1. CAFOD needs YOU and your ALUMINIUM cans…If they DON’T stick to a magnet then they ARE aluminium……....... It’s even better if they are crushed flat and completely dry.

2. ALSO  your old flexes and wire…..any length……………… 3. AND ….in conjunction with our church charity “Action 4 Cambodia” ANY clothes that are no longer of any use to you (no bedding…only clothes)




ENJOY TRAVEL-Pilgrimage To Rome  April 4th to 11th 2014        

 Flights, Accommodation & Daily Excursions all included---Only £799pp.

For more information please call Enjoy Travel on 01254 504970 and/or  visit our website

 Papal Audience with Pope Francis                St Peter’s Basilica  

 Tour in and around Rome                           Visit the Catacombs 

 Visits to Rome’s popular tourist attractions    Visits to Naples and Pompei



KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA: The Knights meet at St Alban’s each Friday evening: During Lent they will lead the Stations of the Cross at 7 pm in Church: all welcome.  At 7.30pm they have their meeting. Please come to the house where a room has been converted to a little chapel. Anyone is welcome to pray the Stations with them: Just come to the Church Side Door during Lent.



MONDAY:      10.30  -  11.30  Exercise  (Free with a Beez Card)  7 pm to 9 pm Line Dancing £2-50

TUESDAY:     1.30  -  4.30  Over 50’s Bowling  £2.00:   7.30  -  9.30  Line Dancing also £2.00

THURSDAY:  10.15  -  11.30  Over 50’s Line Dancing £1:      1.30  -  4.30  Over 50’s Bowling £2

FRIDAY:        7.00pm  -  9.00  Line Dancing  £2-50p  Everyone welcome to any or all – bring a pal


PARISH WEBSITE  New and Updated is on


HOLY WEEK SERVICES:  Maundy Thursday  Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7pm in both Churches

                                          Good Friday:           Service of the Passion at 3 pm in both Churches                             

                                          Easter Vigil             Holy Saturday at 6.30 pm in both Churches




FIRST CONFESSION:  (Year 3)        Tuesday 8th April at 6 pm


CONFIRMATION:        (Year 3)             Sunday 8th June at the 11.15 Mass


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION  (Year 4)    Sunday 6th July at the 11.15 Mass