Newsletter - 24/04/2011

Easter Sunday

Year A  

24th April 2011

Tel 59331




Saturday Vigil Mass

6.30  only at ST ALBAN’S


Sunday morning Mass

9.15  &  11.15  

Sunday Morning  10.15am



This day was made by the Lord, we rejoice and are glad.


Alleluia, alleleuia! Christ our Passover, has been sacrificed; let us celebrate the feast then, in the Lord. Alleluia!


ST ALBAN’S      





















           Confessions:  Saturday 11-12 & 5.45 -6.15 


Easter Day and Season is the heart of our faith. It celebrates our deepest belief that against every evil and sin; the Lord Jesus did as he promised and arose from the dead.

LENT has been the time when we battle with ourselves and ‘old nick’ --- do all extra in our power to join the Lord in his battle against the power of sin and evil.

There can be so many things in life which wear us out / sins & failing of ourselves and others which lead us towards crosses and and a tomb. When Jesus rose from the dead and opened the gates of heaven it fills us with that total conviction that nothing in this life will or can separate us from the Loving Presence of our Risen Jesus.

Like him we will and can arise from anything in this life which brings us to our knees; even death, the death of our nearest and dearest – is for them a gateway to their own resurrection and eternal life with the Lord.

Today we rejoice that our Lord and God is with us. In all our joys and blessings and in all our trails and sorrows.

I pray that this Easter you will feel the absolute closeness of the risen Jesus in your hearts and lives. He is alive and with you and yours.

All our love and prayers for a wonderful Easter  -  from Fr’s Joe, Fred and Jude


Many thanks for your love and kindness for our Lourdes children last week: we received over £790 from St Alban’s and another £155 from Good Shepherd.


We will remember you all in a Mass at Lourdes and place your prayers and petitions in the Prayer Box in the Grotto. I am led to believe that the weather isn’t exactly going to ‘crack the flags’  -  and that we may well have some rain top put up with !!  Someone once suggested that if it rained in Lourdes – it was Our Lady’s tears of joy at seeing you there….. uuummm ????


LOURDES CHILDREN SPRING RAFFLE:  Many thanks for all who have bought tickets… Prize lists at the back of Church.

COVENANT ENVELOPES   The Boxes of pink (Yellow at Good Shepherd) are at the back of Church HCPT


          As are any Euros that find there way onto the collection plate !!


HAND PUSHED LAWN MOWER needed for Church Grounds.  If anyone has one please can you bring it in: we have some proper ones for the main cutting: but we need a small, hand push one for small bits in between the shrubs. Many thanks

DIVINE MERCY PRAYER DAY:  Sunday 1st May  at St Joseph’s Audley Range.

                    2 pm Adoration followed by prayers and devotions and Mass at 3.15


 LEEDS PEOPLE WALK FOR LIFE:  100 Crosses March for life;   Sunday 8th May

1.15    -- 1.45 gathering at the West front of the Minster in York

Transport is being organised by Joan Hirst  886033  We will by stivng to take a Mini Bus or Coach dependant on the uptake.


KNITTER THANK YOU  Huge thanks to all wool donators & Knitters from Barbara: there has been a great response and more will be seen in Church with some pictures etc..  soon.


MILL HILL BOOKLETS at the back of Church for those with the Red Boxes.


PARISH WEBSITE  New and Updated is on

Huge thanks to Chris Birch who has created it for us… go and visit it…


On the Weekend of March 12th / 13th we heared about the work of Cafod in the Parish at Masses.

 Last year this Parish gave over £14,400 to Cafod… Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Pounds….   Never doubt the generosity to St Alban’s people  … tell that to one and all if anyone starts to criticise the R.C.’s  !!!


We have had our Friday early Mass at 7.30am in Lent:  many thanks to the many people who came and shared in our early morning Mass. Next Friday is Good Friday so there will be no early mass on that day.  And Stations of the Cross at just before 12 on Fridays & Saturdays…       Exposition on Saturdays from 11.00 am.


St. Alban’s collection plate is very happy with Euro’s of any size or shape !!  many thanks


Please do remember it is our Parish Centre  -  if you are having a ‘Family Do’ or celebration; 21st, 40th. 60th Birthday Party etc..  a celebration after a Baptism / Funeral / Wedding evening then please remember that you can hire the Centre for your Party  Pop in after Mass and have a drink and a natter.   Tel:  661193 to enquire/book.


GOOD SHEPHERD HALL   Line Dancing   £2 A CLASS Monday & Friday 7pm to 9 pm: Tuesday 7.30 pm- 9.30pm .HEALTHY

HEART EXERCISE  Monday  10.30  -  11.30 Use Beez Card & NO Charge  SHORT MAT BOWLING  Over 50’s  Thursday 1.30

to 4.30 pm  and Dominos etc…  £1  All Welcome     OVER 50’S  LINE DANCING  10.15AM  -  11.30AM


ST VINCENT de PAUL Association meet here in the Presbytery fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm for their prayer and discussions about he work they do in the parish:  They do a marvellous work they can do. They have great faith and show it with good works of charity. I truly believe more people have the desire and zeal to help the Parish through the SVP:  Please ring John Gannon for details & Date of next Meeting on 661258.


If anyone goes to Hospital and is likely to be there for a few days …. Please tell Fr Jude and I will do my best to visit them in hospital