Change in Mass times document can be found here.


Excellent article from Anne Conlon on the recent time capsule discovery whilst demolishing The Bonney's/Social Club. Click here.


GIFT AID ENVELOPES:  Just a Thankful thought to all those who give their collection at Mass with Gift Aid Envelopes  --  these can be put in the collection plate at any of the 3 churches at Good Shepherd / Holy souls or St Alban’s and we will pass them along to the appropriate church. Many thanks: If you are a Tax Payer or your other half is the ‘tax payer’ and you do not use a Gift Aid Envelope – then please do ask for a Box of Envelopes.. as your church is missing out on 25% of your money!! Not Good !!


The values of the Gospel– peace, love, truth, justice, charity – are unchanging, eternal truths. Yet the world is changing constantly. The Church therefore has a prophetic calling to read these ‘signs of the times’ and interpret them in the light of the Gospel.

The Church is called to reflect on the interface between Christianity and society. Do our schools, hospitals and prisons reflect the depth of Christ’s love for humanity? Do our laws protect and cherish all humans, rich or poor, sick or well, as made in the image and likeness of God?

What unites all Catholics is our belief in Jesus Christ and his message of love for all, peace and forgiveness. We also believe that all men and women are equal, because we are made in the image of God, who sent his only son Jesus to earth to save us. We believe in justice and equality too as whatever we do to each other, we do to Christ.

Internationally, the Church works and collaborates with people and organisations in many countries around the world. The breadth of the Church's work takes in aid and development, global justice and peace, support and solidarity with the Church overseas and missionary work to highlight but a small cross-section.